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  • How A Concrete Pump Works We Answer The Question

How a concrete pump works? We answer the question

Many people would like to know the answer to the question: “How a concrete pump works?”. The task of an automobile concrete pump is to quickly transport the solution to the right place. This specialized machine is used if the concrete mixer cannot get close to the concrete pouring site. The concrete pump is specially designed to work together with a mixer. It is important to understand what such a machine is. The basis is a vehicle with a cargo chassis. There is a device on it that performs the functions of sedimentation. There is also a distribution boom. All this is located behind the cab of the car.

How does a concrete pump work? It pumps fresh solution from an open hopper into a confined space of a concrete pipeline, which is located inside the distribution boom. Using a system of pistons or a roller mechanism, pressure is created inside the boom and the solution is sent through the channel to the pouring point. There is a flexible hose for this. It can be extended to the place where the solution is poured to ensure that it is supplied to where it is poured for the relevant work.

Most modern concrete pumps are equipped with a two-piston system. The hopper has 2 holes to which parallel pipes are connected. Cylinders move in these pipes, either sucking the solution into the pipe or pushing it back towards the bunker. When the pipe with the first cylinder is completely filled with solution, it begins to move towards the hopper and the hole is closed with a rotary valve or gate. It is a section of pipe between the piston movement channel and the concrete pipe.

However, there are also concrete pumps with different design features. They work on a different principle. But all such machines are used to perform one task – ensuring the supply of concrete solution to the pouring site when it is impossible to pour concrete directly from the mixer. The use of such equipment is justified. Of course, financial costs are required for its operation. However, its use solves an important problem that arises very often.

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