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poured concrete foundation

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Pouring concrete foundation is the process of creating the foundation for various types of buildings. This process must be performed due to the fact that the soil is less durable than many materials used for solid construction. It is about building foundation concrete. It not only serves as a solid foundation for the future building, but also allows you to evenly distribute the load – the pressure that the building puts on the ground. As a result, the building is level, it is impossible to change its shape, which affects the long and safe operation of the building.

The foundation concrete is one of the most important components of building construction. If this part of the building is poorly erected, then the building itself will not stand for a long time. At the same time, the foundation is considered not just the most important part, but the main part, since, for example, the roof or walls of the building can be replaced, then the basis of the building cannot be replaced. At the stage of construction of the base, erroneous actions are unacceptable. We know this, therefore we carry out work at a high level of quality, which allows us to build reliable foundations.

Poured concrete foundation: Types

poured foundationT-shaped monolithic pour foundation

This constructive solution is preferably implemented in a region where often the ambient temperature drops below 0 Celsius. Lowering the temperature leads to freezing of the soil, which negatively affects the condition of the buildings that are built on it. The strip foundation allows you to create a solid foundation that will not deform into cold. Block vs poured concrete foundation? The second option has more advantages.

Concrete slabs

A kind of design solution that is suitable for use in regions with warm weather. Concrete Slabs can be built quickly. The price advantage of pouring foundation in this case is quite high. Concrete Slab is 1 layer made of cement mortar using materials for reinforcement.

Concrete Slabs – Reinforced

More complex construction compared to conventional pour concrete slab foundation. This construction solution is able to withstand the cold. The construction technology involves the construction of a slab between 2 layers of polystyrene. The specified material performs an insulating function. It does not allow heat to leave the base and absorbs the heat that it receives from above. As a result, the substrate is not exposed to low temperatures.

T-Shaped foundation concrete: what is it?

This is the base, which in its features resembles a tape. This version of the foundation pouring is often used in the construction of various buildings, including private houses. The tape appearance of the base is popular due to its increased strength characteristics. This is a reliable foundation that can be quickly built if, of course, professional craftsmen are engaged in its creation. It should be noted that such a foundation is characterized by a high degree of rigidity. This is promoted by a special form. Moreover, when carrying out the work, different options for deepening can be used, which depends on many features, starting from the features of the soil under the future building, ending with the design features that will be inherent in the future structure.

What is a “T” base? This is a design that has isolation. It can be built from various materials, but one of the most preferred is concrete. Concrete is chosen because of many of its features. It not only belongs to one of the most durable materials. As a result of concreting, it is possible to save significantly during the construction of the foundation for the building. By the way, these concrete foundation types can serve as a reliable support for the future building, since the weight of the structure is evenly distributed along the perimeter of the foundation, which significantly increases the life of the building itself.

The “T” base, made of concrete, has been used for several decades. Of course, this is possible if the construction requirements were followed. Moreover, such a base, if necessary, is easy to repair.

How to pour a foundation for a house? The “T” base may be different in type of recess:

  • It is allowed not to deepen the foundation into the ground if it is planned to build a light structure, for example, frame or made of panels, if the site is flat, and the ground has a lot of sand and loam in its composition.
  • There is an option when making a small depression in the ground. This option is used in the construction of buildings that can be built from a variety of materials, but the soil is classified as non-porous.
  • The “T” base can be extended to the bottom. This option is suitable for buildings in which basements are equipped. But this constructive solution can be used only where the groundwater paths flow deep enough.
  • A strong recess can be made. This option is suitable for the construction of buildings equipped with a basement, and regardless of the type of soil.
  • There is a variant of concrete monolith when the width of the tape base is greater than its height. This option is suitable for the construction of light structures and buildings for economic purposes.

Foundation pouring companies near me in Vancouver – used technology

pouring concrete foundationFilling the base in the form of a “T” letter is a common building solution. When creating such a framework, professional workers carefully approach the construction of formwork. It is very important to observe a number of requirements that will help prevent leakage of the mortar when performing concrete work. Often, reinforcing the base is done.

Foundation concrete: construction stages

  • Marking is done for future tranches. He included the definition of the boundaries of the future building. It is also important to determine the width and depth of future trenches.
  • It is necessary to remove the top layer of the earth. The depth of the excavated trenches depends on the type of soil. With clay terrain, their depth can be 1.2 meters. In all other types, trenches must remain closed so that they do not accumulate before starting work.
  • Determination of the depth of groundwater. If their depth is 2 m from the estimated depth of freezing of the earth, the foundation can be laid at a depth of 0.6 to 0.7 meters. Groundwater capacity is too low, below the freezing depth. Materials for the construction of the foundation are used depending on climatic conditions. In a dry and low-humidity place, buildings can be made with bricks or household stones. In highly moistened soils, it is necessary to use only high-strength concrete, which will provide waterproofing, and will not be exposed to sudden changes in temperature.
  • The choice of material to fill. By far, the most common occurrence is this concrete. For a high-quality strip foundation, it is necessary to use concrete of a brand not lower than 200M. Concrete brand 400M for foundation concrete. The manufacture of monolithic strip foundations can last up to 30 days. This is due to the fact that concrete needs to harden and gain more strength.

Foundation Pouring: Preparation

At its core, the manufacturing technology of the strip foundation is quite simple. But in comparison with other types of foundations, strip foundations require a large amount of work, and to fill it will require a large amount of material. The process of pouring begins with the fact that a layer of graphite or sand is poured into pre-excavated trenches, this is necessary in order to level the bottom of the trench. This procedure is repeated several times and in between the already laid layer is carefully tamped and spilled with water.

How thick is poured concrete foundation?​ The thickness of the laid layer is usually about one third of the thickness of the entire foundation of the house. Next, inside the formwork, you need to mount a metal frame, which consists of reinforcing rods and fastened together by a knitting wire. Only after that will you need to start concreting the foundation.

Pouring a foundation: Solution preparation

Calculating the volume of concrete mix in order to fill in a monolithic strip foundation is quite easy. To do this, simply multiply such quantities as the perimeter of the trench, its depth and width. It is better to choose a factory-made mixture. It competently distributed the necessary proportions to create a solid and monolithic concrete compound. This mixture is delivered directly to the construction site, so it is necessary to carry out preparatory work so that the transport can easily get to all sides of the foundation. How long does it take to pour a foundation? Such filling will take much less time and significantly reduce the cost of the foundation.

When preparing the concrete mix, you need to make sure that the cement and sand are of fairly high quality. It will also require skill and extensive experience in the preparation of concrete mix. Poor component quality can cause flaws, which will significantly degrade the quality of the strip foundation itself. If we talk about the cost of poured concrete foundation walls, then high-quality materials can affect it. But reliable contractors always take into account the fact that it is better to use only high-quality materials.

Pouring foundation: What’s next?

The technology of pouring foundation includes several stages, which must be performed in order.foundation pouring companies

  • Before starting pouring, it is worth checking the consistency of the concrete mixture, if it is thickened, then it must be diluted with water and mixed thoroughly until the mixture becomes homogeneous.
  • After pouring foundation the mixture, it must be tamped. This is done using a special deep vibrator. This is necessary in order to remove air cavities from the inner space of concrete. If concrete hardens with such a defect, it will become less durable and sudden changes in temperature can easily destroy its monolithic structure. The depth vibrator can be replaced with a conventional chopper, but its efficiency is much lower. After reaching the desired level, the surface is leveled with a trowel.
  • How long does it take to pour concrete foundation? The concrete mixture hardens for about three weeks and throughout this period of time you need to monitor its surface. If the ambient temperature is very high, the surface must be moistened to eliminate the appearance of a crust, which will interfere with the normal drying of concrete. Do not leave the surface unprotected during rain or snow. For protection, you can use greenhouse film. To get the most dense foundation, a week after pouring it, you need to put several rows of bricks up. This will help to achieve good shrinkage and remove all traces of air.


Warming of the single pour concrete foundation is extremely necessary due to the fact that concrete has good thermal conductivity. And in winter, if you do not provide a normal level of thermal insulation, cold will penetrate through the walls, based on the foundation. The technology of warming the strip foundation is to install a warm formwork or mount a warm blind area that will isolate the surface adjacent to the house from freezing.

You can also use thermal insulation made of foamed polyurethane foam. This option is considered one of the best, for it does not need to use various additional material fasteners. It has such properties as solidity and the absence of seams. The use of foamed polyurethane foam helps to solve the problem of not only thermal insulation, but also waterproofing.

Fill Features

foundation pouring companies near meThe most important detail that in most cases is overlooked is the time it takes for the concrete to dry. This time can only be determined by professional workers. They are guided by the state of the surface, paying attention to some points that are visible only to people with qualifications and experience. It is important not to rain after pouring the concrete foundation.

Another feature during the work is tapping the formwork design. This action allows you to eliminate unfilled empty spaces in the base. When tapped, the air is forced out and the solution completely fills the entire mold. If you are looking for poured concrete foundation contractors near me, then it will not be superfluous to know about such subtleties.

Some people are sure that the solution can be prepared independently and, in general, it is easy to fill the foundation for a future building. However, practice shows that this is possible if a person has professional knowledge and has all the necessary equipment and tools, and also has a huge margin of time. In addition, it is difficult for one person to lay the foundation, so additional working hands will be needed. As for the preparation of the solution, in the absence of the necessary knowledge, you cannot rely on its quality. The solution prepared by specialists is the best choice, since it will have all the necessary quality characteristics.

It should be remembered that it is advisable to carry out the work in the warm season. If there is an urgent need for pouring concrete foundation in cold weather, you must follow certain building rules, and use a solution saturated with special additives. These additives will help the solution maintain its properties in the cold and will make it possible to normally fill the solution. Can you pour a concrete foundation in the winter? Yes, subject to certain requirements. Can you pour a foundation in the winter if it’s very cold? It is undesirable to perform such work in order to ensure the high quality of the finished object. Can you pour a foundation in the rain? As a rule, such work is not carried out in the rain. Because the rain creates problems for the normal work of the craftsmen.

Foundation Pouring: T-shaped foundation – Benefits

  • Simple in its features of constructive solution.
  • An opportunity to choose a type of the basis at this or that type of soil.
  • High strength, which is ensured by the use of concrete – a very durable material.
  • Excellent support weight of the future building.
  • Need less money for its construction.

The cost to pour a foundation for a house is justified by the fact that the foundation under the building is as strong as possible.

How much does it cost to have a foundation poured?

The cost of work can be different – from $15 to $25 per cubic meter. The average cost to pour foundation in Vancouver can be around $20. But our prices are very attractive.

The cost to pour a basement foundation or other facility usually varies. The final cost is determined by:

  • area
  • technological method
  • features of the land
  • volumes of materials required for construction.

The quality of all work, regardless of stage, is very important. Our professional craftsmen do everything right, which ensures a high degree of quality of the finished structure. If we talk about cost to pour foundation, then this point is secondary if there is a desire to get the most solid foundation for a house.


If you are interested in foundation pouring near me, you should know the most important. Poured concrete foundation is the most important part of the construction process. This is a process that requires increased attention and knowledge of the features of the work. You need to have experience that will allow you to perform all the work on a professional level. We can build structures of any complexity. All work is carried out strictly according to technology. We are always ready to fulfill your order. Our customers positively evaluate our work, they are satisfied with the quality, speed of work performed.

What is the poured concrete foundation cost?

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