Foundation Pouring

Foundation Pouring

Since the ground is usually less solid than construction materials, it’s necessary to build a foundation that will serve as a base of the construction and evenly distribute the weight.

A foundation is the most important part of building a house. The construction above the ground counts for nothing if the foundation is not of the highest quality. Every other element can be rebuilt again if needed, but the foundations can’t. This phase of the construction does not tolerate mistakes. West Mount Concrete is aware of that fact and always makes sure that the foundation is impeccable.

There are several types of concrete slabs used in foundations.

T-Shaped Foundation

This type of concrete foundation is an excellent choice for colder parts of the country where the ground is frozen throughout the winter. It’s known as the T-shaped foundation because of the way the footing and the foundation are positioned to each other.

Slab-on-grade Foundation

This kind of concrete foundation is used in areas where the ground never freezes. It’s cost-effective and fast to make.  It has only one layer of concrete, usually 4 to 8 inches thick, with extra-thick edges for additional support.

Frost-protected Foundation

This is a reinforced slab-on-grade foundation designed for harsh winters. A single layer of concrete is put between two polystyrene sheets that serve as insulators. They prevent the heat leaving the foundation and take in any heat available from above. This way, the foundation always stays safe from the frost.

The cost of foundation pouring depends on various factors, and will be from 15 to 25 dollars per one cubic meter.

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