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Westmount Concrete 2003 LTD – is engaged in the production of smooth concrete Vancouver​ at a bargain price! We are working on grinding concrete coatings, which allows us to achieve a high level of surface smoothness.

We will manufacture quality concrete sanding. Turning to us, you can use the service that you offer cheaper than our competitors.

Our company has been operating since 2003 and our experience allows us to make the highest quality sanding concrete for you!

Sanding concrete: what is it?

Smooth concrete is a perfectly leveled concrete surface. The smoothness of the concrete surface is created using special tools and equipment. Professional workers, to achieve the creation of the most even concrete coating, use grinding machines, as well as other tools, choosing the method that is most suitable for work in certain conditions. When ordering complex services, concrete smoother is also used.

Untreated concrete floors themselves have two main disadvantages. Firstly, during active use, the coating gives a large amount of dust generated during the erasing of small particles of sand and cement from the upper layer of the concrete slab. Secondly, the material itself has great porosity, which leads to the unimpeded absorption of any liquid that enters such a floor. Concrete Smooth eliminates the above problems. Dust will not form in the future. Liquids cannot harm a polished floor.

Smooth concrete finish can be seen anywhere. Smooth concrete coating is done in rooms used for commercial purposes, in offices, in garages, in hospitals, in educational institutions, in the construction of swimming pools and hangars, in production areas, and in other places. Concrete sanding is done in living quarters, but, as a rule, this process is not the final step in creating the floor. Work is carried out to give evenness and smoothness to the floor, which is then coated with a finish coating.

Why is smooth concrete popular?

Finishing concrete for a smooth state is quite affordable for many owners of premises where cement mortar has recently been poured to create a solid floor. It will be best if you spend some money and, if necessary, bring the old coating into perfect condition. It is much more expensive to remove old concrete and refill. It is cheaper to use the service of grinding an old concrete surface, to restore its original qualitative characteristics. If we talk about brushed concrete vs smooth, then you should choose smooth, if there is an opportunity to do so.

Of course, not every old concrete coating turns out to be brought to a beautiful state. The degree of condition of the coating, which will allow to successfully carry out all the work, must be correctly installed. Professional craftsmen can assess the condition of the floor and conclude whether it is worth polishing, and whether it can be done. The fact is that the coating can have a high degree of wear. In certain cases, especially when it is necessary to provide resistance to high loads or to ensure the safe operation of the room, sanding concrete floor will be the wrong decision. However, it all depends, as we have said, on the degree of condition of the concrete coating and on what purpose of operation it serves.

Smooth concrete finish – equipment

In the process, a manual or professional tool is used. The type of tool is selected depending on what result the client wants to receive, the area of ​​the room, where the workers will work, and also in what condition the concrete coating is.

  • For grinding concrete smooth, you can use a grinder.​ It is used in places where it is quite difficult to perform work using a grinder. To equip the grinder, various nozzles are used, which allow to achieve maximum evenness of the concrete surface.
  • If the concrete coating has defects, then a diamond mill is used, and then a grinder with a special nozzle is used. To create a smooth coating made of concrete, a grinding machine can be used. It grouts concrete, working from an electric network. The machine can be large in size or have a modest size. Depending on where the concrete has to be leveled, equipment that is convenient for specific conditions is used.
  • In rooms with a large area – as a rule, these are industrial or commercial premises – large professional grinders are used to grind the concrete floor, which allow you to create the desired concrete smooth texture.
  • Where thorough watering is required, use equipment that allows wet sanding.

Many people think that a grinder is the best tool for sanding floors. However, builders recommend using it only in extreme cases. Unlike professional equipment, this tool can cause injuries and the development of other unpleasant situations. The grinder must be handled with care. When applying it, it is necessary to ensure good illumination in the room where this tool will have to be used. When using a grinder, it is necessary to use protective equipment against dust in the eyes and in the respiratory tract. It is necessary to monitor the heating temperature of the tool so that it does not fail at the most inopportune moment.

Using professional equipment for grinding rough concrete smooth has more advantages than using a grinder. Such equipment has an adjustable speed of rotation of the working parts. If the wet grinding method is used, then the water supply can be dosed. Professional equipment is equipped with a dust collector. This means that the formation of dust during grinding of concrete will be minimal, which simplifies the process and makes working conditions safer for craftsmen performing grinding.

Professional grinders are expensive. Buying them for independent work is unprofitable. We, as a company, engaged in the performance of professional work and have such equipment. Our masters successfully apply it to perform work, achieving the maximum quality of the processed concrete surfaces.

How to sand concrete smooth in Vancouver?​

Work on sanding concrete smooth is carried out a few days after pouring concrete.​ First, the condition of the coating is examined in preparation for the grinding process. You need to make sure that the concrete is strong enough to perform grinding work. Otherwise, the desired effect cannot be achieved. To do this, use a conventional hammer. They tap the entire concrete surface. If the blow is deaf, then the concrete has not gained strength, it must still be allowed to dry. If the armature sticks out somewhere, then it is removed, because the grinder can fail if it is used directly to create a smooth surface. Reinforcing bars must be removed if they are close to the surface. If they are not removed, they will become a serious problem during the use of grinding equipment. To remove the rods, they are cut.

At the beginning of concrete grinding work, including smooth concrete driveway, is carried out using diamond nozzles. At this stage of the work, small tubercles are removed and the coating is made even relative to the horizon. If the surface has significant irregularities, then milling tools or sandblasting equipment is used to perform work at a faster pace.

Milling tools are also used in the following cases:

  • If necessary, lower the level of the concrete surface.
  • When removing old topping, epoxy and other coatings.
  • To eliminate old spots formed by exposure to oily liquids.
  • When installing an anti-slip terrain, which is required for the construction of inclined elements, for example, ramps, as well as made in the horizontal plane, in order to ensure the safety of movement of people when ice is formed on the surface.

This is followed by the next step smooth concrete finish floor. At this stage, grinding equipment is used. When grinding, the top layer of concrete is removed. As a result of the work, fine-grained filler becomes visible. Grinding not only allows you to create a perfectly even coating, but also give it additional strength. A smooth surface becomes able to withstand enormous loads. This is especially important if the concrete floor is in the room that will be used for production purposes. He will be able to withstand the load created by heavy equipment.

After the main work, the surface is cleaned. A primer may be applied using reinforcing agents. If later fine grinding will be performed, it is better to use mineralizing agents that can react with calcium. They allow you to give the coating additional strength and make the perfect smooth concrete floor.

The number of stages of grinding work can reach 15, which depends on obtaining the desired effect. At each stage, different nozzles may be used. So, if you want to get a coating with a high degree of gloss, nozzles with a grain size of up to 3000 are used. If you use them, then subsequent processing is not needed. The floor will look as attractive as possible, it will reflect light rays, will receive maximum strength.

It is important to note that the smooth concrete floor finish process can also be applied to old concrete floors. Work in this case can be quite difficult, because the concrete during operation could be subjected to loads and in most cases has defects. The use of grinding equipment allows in this case to achieve what the floor will look like new. When working with an old coating, as well as processing a recently poured base, it is necessary to examine the surface and prepare it for further grinding. Besides:


  • Checks the flatness of the floor using the building level.
  • The reinforcement is removed if it sticks out of the concrete surface or is close to the surface.
  • Pay attention to the condition of the joints, the presence of cracks, if necessary, the defects are eliminated.
  • The coating is tapped to determine the degree of its strength.
  • The degree of rigidity of the concrete surface is checked.
  • If there are defects in the form of tubercles, work is underway to remove them.

Concrete Smooth: working methods

When creating a smooth concrete surface, the following working methods can be used:

  • Wet method – it is used if there is a mosaic coating. Workers remove 5 ml of the top layer of the concrete surface. They use abrasive products to help achieve smoothness.
  • Dry method – performed to a depth of 2 millimeters. The process is longer and rather dirty. A lot of dust is formed. You need to wait until she settles and allows her to continue working.
  • Polishing – type of grinding of a concrete surface. This method makes it possible to create a perfectly even concrete pavement.

In the wet method, water or a solution in which abrasives are added is added during processing. In the process, dirty spray forms, so special equipment must be used. Grinding is carried out for a long time, but with the wet method you can get a perfectly smooth surface, in its features similar to a mirror coating. If you need to make a smooth concrete patio or other object, it is important to choose the right method of work technology.

Smooth concrete surface: Benefits

  • The life of a smooth concrete surface is several decades.
  • High durability and ability not to spoil at constant contact with liquids.
  • The most polished floor is similar to an elite floor covering.
  • Affordable cost of work, even if necessary, carry out them in several stages.
  • Allows to give a presentable look even to an old concrete covering.
  • It makes it possible to bring floors to perfect condition in the presence of defects.
  • It is not necessary to periodically carry out repairs. If, nevertheless, a situation arises requiring repair, then only that area that needs to be restored to normal condition can be repaired.

All of the benefits listed above are reasons to opt for a smooth concrete pool deck or elsewhere to achieve aesthetics where there is a concrete deck.

Concrete Smooth Vancouver : price

Concrete grinding costs can range from $ 3 to $ 12 per square foot. Final price depends on:

  • The smooth concrete texture that the client wants to receive, which provides for multi-stage work.
  • The area on which it is necessary to perform grinding work – the larger the area, the higher the price.

The volume of work, as well as the area of ​​the treated surface are the main factors affecting the cost. It is clear that if grinding is performed in several stages, you will have to pay more. However, we do not recommend focusing only on cost. Do not save if you want a beautiful floor. Order the whole spectrum of work so that the concrete surface becomes exactly the way you want to see it.

Additional factors that may affect the final cost:

  • Type of equipment used in the process of performing work.
  • Materials that are used during the work.
  • The need to prepare, repair the foundation for further work.


Concrete Smooth – the ability to make the concrete surface as flat as possible and even with a mirror image. The process of performing work requires the use of professional equipment. If you need to get a beautiful and high-quality polished concrete surface, then it is better to contact skilled workers. Our company has a staff of professional craftsmen who are able to work with coatings of various condition. They perform work as quickly and efficiently as possible. As a result, customers get a flat and smooth floor, which not only pleases with its appearance, but is also able to withstand heavy loads and can be used for many years.

You can contact us for a sanding service not only on a newly cast concrete surface. Our craftsmen are able to restore the quality characteristics of the old concrete coating, even if it has many defects. Therefore, if your facility already has a concrete floor, do not rush to get rid of it. It is possible that we can bring him into a beautiful state, and he will again delight you, as before.

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