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When the old concrete is beyond repair and can no longer be maintained with small fixes, it’s necessary to completely remove it so that the new one can be poured. This is no easy task as it usually involves heavy equipment that needs to be handled by a professional. It’s definitely not a DIY job and it’s not something that can be done by anyone. Our company has professional and licensed workers with years of experience who know what they are doing. We care about safety regulations and do the job with as little hassle as possible for you and your neighbors.

Concrete Removal – features, technology, tools

On a well-kept beautiful site should be the same well-groomed house. A complete repair or redevelopment begins with dismantling. Old structures must be removed in order to put new ones in their place. Most often, homeowners apply for a Concrete Removal service to remove an old screed.

Professionals should work with the old screed, who will quickly carry out the necessary work in a short time. The process of removing the old screed is labor intensive and has special requirements for the performers. In addition to special equipment, experience in the performance of such work is required. Professional dismantling of concrete screed at a price will be a little more expensive than that done by yourself, but the quality and speed of execution will be at their best.


The screed is a layer of durable concrete, which is laid on top of the floor. The interlayer between the concrete base and the floor may be monolithic or composite. Most often, a cement-sand mixture, expanded clay concrete or gypsum cement is used as a layer. Sometimes the base is reinforced with steel mesh, which gives the screed greater strength.

The elimination of the old layer and the formation of a new one is necessary for the high-quality performance of many functions.

  • Protects overlap from external factors.
  • Promotes floor leveling.
  • Helps evenly distribute heat in underfloor heating.
  • Evenly distributes the load on the floors.
  • Promotes better sound insulation.
  • Becomes the basis for finishing flooring.
  • If the old screed has ceased to fulfill its responsibilities, its removal is necessary.

In this case, the concrete removal and replacement cost will be different, which is affected by the need to perform additional work.

Why is Concrete Removal necessary?

Concrete demolition removal the old screed is a difficult process, therefore it is done if:

  • There is deteriorated performance of the old screed,
  • There was a need for repairs,
  • It is necessary to lower or raise the floor level,
  • It is necessary to replace communications (pipes, cables) laid under the screed.

Floor screed can be of two types:

  • Continuous – the screed is poured once, in one layer. This is usually a mixture of cement and sand.
  • Composite – a multilayer screed, which is formed if a new layer is poured on the old screed. But there are times when a multi-layer screed is immediately made. The composition of the composite screed, in addition to sand and cement, may include other heat and sound insulating materials.

The type of screed affects the choice of concrete floor removal option.

RULES of Concrete Removal

Work on the destruction of the concrete layer inside the house requires special care and accuracy. Unprofessional intervention can damage the wiring and other communications laid on the floor. In a country mansion, you can use simple and uncomplicated tools that create a lot of noise: crowbar, sledgehammer, hammer and chisel. Specialists prefer to work with more efficient power tools and reinforced surfaces are dismantled with a joint cutter.

Concrete protection is previously broken into pieces. The fragments are stacked in strong bags so as not to litter on the site. In this case, the concrete removal price will depend on the amount of work performed.

Concrete removal cost in Vancouver

How much does it cost to remove old concrete? ​The exact cost per square meter of screed can be called only after a preliminary assessment of the front of work. The price is influenced by many factors.

  • A significant amount of work reduces the cost of removing a square meter of concrete.
  • Stronger material and greater layer thickness add to the cost.
  • The presence of reinforcement complicates the work and increases the concrete removal price.

Work in hard-to-reach places and the need to perform additional services also affect the the cost. For example, the cost to remove concrete pool deck can be more or less, depending on the difficulty.

Regardless of the reasons why the customer needed to dismantle the concrete screed, the work will be carried out according to a previously agreed plan. This applies to the formation of concrete block wall demolition cost, the cost of other similar works. In addition, you need to consider what work will be carried out additionally. The cost to remove and replace concrete driveway, for example, is calculated by points.

Dismantling tiled concrete screed

Dismantling the screed is a fairly simple task requiring physical effort and time for its implementation and further cleaning. It is especially important to do all the work carefully and in the exact sequence of actions so as not to damage the load-bearing structures and not to do excessive or credential work. Concrete removal price per square foot needs to be clarified, as this is a rather specific and time-consuming job.

If the tile is located on the surface, this makes the task a little difficult for you, but only in the temporary plan, since the work will need to be done twice as much, and it will be monophonic. Although, it’s impossible to break it, so there’s nothing complicated in dismantling.

The first step is to remove the tiles. How to remove flagstone from concrete? To do this, we start from the corner closest to the door, breaking the first tile. It will be the first to be sacrificed before prying others by tearing them from the surface.

To do this, you can use a hammer, ruin or crowbar. Most accurately, the work will be done with a chisel and a hammer, but it will take much more time. After the tile is removed, you can proceed to the dismantling of concrete using a punch, jackhammer or heavy weight crowbar; the latter will be very difficult, but effective.

Concrete demolition near me: what methods are used?

There are many ways to dismantle a concrete coating but the most popular and most effective are: percussion, concrete cutting and demolition. We will tell you about the features of the impact method a little further but now you will learn by what principle the entire dismantling of concrete takes place. The method of work is chosen depending on what needs to be done: concrete block removal, concrete curb removal, etc.

The process can be divided into the following stages:

  • The beginning – at this stage, it is necessary to make the initial hole, from which further dismantling will occur. You can use any of the possible methods for this.
  • After the beginning has been made, the entire screed is divided into individual elements by the shock method or by cutting.
  • In conclusion, the largest parts are torn off from the bearing base and taken out of the room.

If the old screed is laid on a layer of crushed stone, then it is necessary to remove it together with a layer of crushed stone, so it will be much easier for you to tear it from the base. Most often, the collection of broken concrete occurs with a shovel, and it will be very difficult to substitute the shovel through the rubble. It is much easier to do this by sliding along the base.

Features of the various concrete removal methods

If you are looking for contractors for concrete patio removal near me or another object, then you should be aware of the specifics of the removal of concrete structures. This option refers to a shock force that is applied to the concrete surface due to which the concrete begins to crack and break into small parts. It will then be easy to assemble and throw away or use for other purposes. Dismantling of a bulk floor or concrete with a topping layer is best carried out by just this method, since it is best suited for high-strength coatings and helps to easily remove more area.

Next, we will tell you how to do the concrete removal correctly with:

  • Percussion devices: perforator and jackhammer.
  • Cut concrete with a diamond blade.
  • Screed removal – drilling with a diamond drill.
  • Work with percussion devices

We start everything from doors or any corner convenient to you. First, punch the hole to the very bottom and completely clean it. After that, you begin to chip five to ten centimeters from the edge, gradually expanding the hole and moving throughout the area.

Concrete removal is best done in sections of three to five square meters. They crushed the planned area, cleaned it up and continued work.

A jackhammer is best suited for such purposes, as it is designed specifically for such work. Many craftsmen use a simple hammer drill, equipping it with a special lance or chisel. In this case, the drilling mode must be turned off and only the shock function should be left.

Often, the power of a standard hammer will be enough to do the job quickly and efficiently. Of course, there will be a lot of noise and dust. Tool manufacturers recommend working for fifteen to twenty minutes and then let the device cool down for the same amount of time.

Cut concrete

Concrete Removal with a simple metal circle is not possible. You will need to purchase a special diamond-coated wheel, which is designed for concrete and stone.

The whole area is cut into small sections of half a square meter, then they are gently blown up and completely removed. At the same time, it is necessary to work in goggles and a respirator as there will be an incredible amount of fragments and dust. It is best to open all the windows and make a strong draft. If you wish, you can always find out about the concrete cutting and removal cost for any object.

Work with a drill

Even if your rock drill cannot dismantle the concrete floor, it can ease the task. To do this, take a diamond drill and make a large number of holes in the concrete. Then we beat off, with a peak, the sections that are drilled from all sides. Try to maintain a right angle when drilling as the drill can easily break.

If work is progressing too slowly due to constant overheating of the tool, try to find or purchase another hammer drill. Then in between, when one cools down, you can safely use the second. Also, in order to crush the screed continuously and not be distracted by cleaning, you can find an assistant who will clean the area for you. If you want to perform concrete pool removal or other object with a drill, contact us, we will do everything for you!

Concrete Removal Jackhammers

Concrete dismantling is currently using hydrocline. This is a special concrete breaker, which is successfully used by many construction companies. Traditional methods of dismantling concrete have a number of significant drawbacks: increased noise level, high costs for various equipment, work is carried out for a long time due to its complexity. There is a high probability of injury. Therefore, if you decide to perform, for example, concrete driveway removal and replacement using such tools, then it is better to contact professionals.

Construction activities, especially in the city, are carried out in different directions, so it often requires a clearing of the area for the construction of another facility. In this case, the removal of old concrete structures is required. Therefore, dismantling work begins.

If you start dismantling concrete structures on your own, it will take too much time, cost and effort. The dismantling price can reach up to 10% of the total construction budget, and labor input, including garbage collection, can be 1/3 of the total labor costs. Therefore, it is advisable to use the services of specialized construction companies.

Removal of concrete walls, reinforced concrete and structures

The dismantling of concrete walls and concrete structures by means of expanding wedges has been known since ancient times, when construction was carried out using stone blocks. Then it was necessary to crush the stones with the help of wooden wedges, which were driven into special holes. Subsequently, of course, this method was improved. Currently, this type of dismantling of concrete walls is widely used, such as driving a hydrocline. This allows you to cope with reinforced concrete, a concrete structure of a large area, and brick walls. Natural stone, in particular granite and marble, may be suitable for these purposes. In Western countries, the dismantling of concrete walls with hydrocline has been used for over 30 years. The use of hydrocline can be in any field of construction and in any territories. To carry out large-scale work on the dismantling of reinforced concrete and other structures, it is advisable to use hydrocline. You can always find out about concrete removal cost per square foot using this method by asking your question to the contractor.

The use of hydrocline with Concrete Removal can be carried out in the following areas:

  • When dismantling concrete of various sizes and widths, as well as lengths.
  • Destruction of massifs from concrete structures.
  • Reinforced concrete pillows can be dismantled.
  • Crushing of natural building stone (granite, marble).
  • Dismantling concrete using a brick wall hydrocline.

Advantages of disassembling concrete and reinforced concrete with hydrocline

The hydrocline is usually called concrete breaker. The latest technologies allow us to dismantle concrete without causing any problems to others. Modern dismantling is carried out without noise and vibration, which was not possible with the earlier methods of dismantling concrete. This method is very good if the dismantling of concrete structures is carried out near residential areas. Another advantage of the use of hydrocline in dismantling is the management of the entire process. For example, it is necessary to break a specific section without damaging the integrity of the entire structure, hydrocline can easily cope with this. If you want to order concrete removal in Pitt Meadows or another area of Vancouver using this technology, check with the contractor if he can provide the appropriate service.

Thus, it is possible to avoid problems such as fragments and sharp parts that fly off over distances, which is completely unsafe during these works. This method is good if dismantling is carried out on a rather large area where other workers can be located at a short distance. At this time, jackhammers and perforators, of course, are still used, but are already considered obsolete methods and not entirely safe. For example, in the West, for more than 30 years, the method of dismantling concrete with the help of a hydrocline has been used.

Another advantage of using hydrocline with Concrete Removal is its cost-effectiveness. Firstly, less energy costs, and secondly, it is compact during transportation. This cannot be said, for example, of old air compressors. Widespread, is the use of the more advanced method of dismantling concrete – diamond wire cutting.

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