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Pumping of concrete​ – general information

Concrete Pumping receives freshly prepared concrete mixes from specialized vehicles, and then feeds them horizontally or vertically direction to the place of masonry. This machine, which by the way, has large dimensions, was created for pumping concrete.concrete pump

Concrete pump is a reciprocating machine for placing concrete in large-sized foundations, blocks, building floors, tunnel walls and other masses.

There are two ways to classify pumping concrete. The first is the type of concrete supply. This view includes the following methods:

  • Sliding, where the mechanism is separated by a special unit.
  • Shutter where the curtains work.
  • Piston. Here, the mixture is forced by one or more pistons.
  • Vacuum. A vacuum is created in the pick-up tray, which subsequently presses through the concrete.

The second sign in the classification is mobility. There are concrete pumps on the chassis, as well as stationary, which do not have the ability to independently move exclusively on the trailer. Before using the services of a concrete pump, you must remember that such a concrete pump mechanism works only with quality product. Concrete Pumping is equipment that costs a lot of money, and breaking it can be expensive. The relevant documentation takes into account the strength class, degree of readiness, frost resistance, water resistance and density (it is of particular importance for lightweight concrete).

Good modern concrete pumping equipped with special high strength steel valve. It works perfectly even in case of strong pressure, has a hydraulic system with open circuit, low operational flow rate, is easy to maintain and easy to clean from concrete. There is also additional equipment.

For example, a multi-stage water pump, an electric vibrator, an air compressor that is hydraulic driven and plug. Some pumps have traps, water silencers for high power engines and a catalyst on them.

Advantages of specialized concrete pumps​

The purpose of this building unit is clear even from the name – this is the supply of concrete mixture to the prepared forms when performing various kinds of construction tasks. In addition, it is important to note that when using a concrete pump, additional mixing is carried out, which increases the quality the concrete used at the construction site, and you can also control the quality of the raw materials, check the compliance of the supplied concrete with existing standards.

If you are professionally engaged in construction, then you probably know that advanced concrete pumping can significantly reduce labor costs and other costs. And you certainly know that a concrete pump helps to speed up the process of constructing a building several times and improves the quality of concrete.

Timely supplying the concrete mix of the required grade to the construction site is important in many cases. To ensure uninterrupted feed, reliable technology and Concrete Pumping are needed for this.

The concrete pump is stationary and mobile. To perform work on different objects, a concrete pump truck is an excellent solution.

The mobile Concrete Pump significantly exceeds the usual concrete pump in mobility and it can be used for concreting several points at the construction site at once.


concrete pump truckThe advantage of the concrete pumper is that it is easy to feed the concrete mixture or mortar in any direction and this reconfiguration is produced fast!

This is a convenient method for conveying concrete. Modern concrete pumping allows you to directly deliver the mixture and solutions to any height and at the very inaccessible place at any construction site.

How to use a concrete pump? Using the services of concrete pumps is the most modern method of laying concrete mix in technologically complex structures. At minimal costs, the process of laying concrete is automated, which is carried out not manually, but mechanically.

This allows you to significantly increase efficiency, reduce the number of workers and reduce the time to complete the work.

When is advanced concrete pumping needed:

  • The mixer truck cannot access your formwork due to a lack of road. Bumps, ravines, small rivers, weak soil, strong slopes, etc., would prevent this.
  • The facility is located in an old building. The access of concrete mixers for unloading is difficult and fraught with the possibility of demolishing something, such as existing buildings and constructions.
  • Any other insurmountable obstacles for the passage of the mixer with concrete. Take at least railroad tracks, industrial facilities, gas pipelines or fences.
  • The supply of concrete to a height is also a task that can easily be solved by using a concrete pump, the rental of which pays off handsomely.

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Types of concrete pump and manufacturers

concrete pumpsA few words about the types of concrete pumps. There are two main groups: concrete pumps and stationary concrete pumps. We will understand what their differences are and features.

Stationary concrete pump

– non-self-propelled unit in the form of a trailer. It is delivered to the facility with a separate tractor. The main advantage of this type of technique is the ability to pump concrete into large volumes and is relatively inexpensive. Possibility of concrete supply: to a height of about 100 meters and more than 300 meters of the track.

Concrete pump (ABN)

– this is a kind of concrete pumping truck. It is used for pumping concrete on truck chassis. Standalone mobile concrete pump with its folding boom (concrete pipe). The boom tube consists of several movable elbows, with fully controlled movements, folding, etc. Boom length concrete pump depends on the brand of the particular installation: it varies from 22 to 64 meters.

Concrete pump truck is inferior to their stationary counterparts in power, but their indisputable advantage is the ability to quickly be in the right position/location. Such mobility, of course, is an important argument in their favor, especially when frequent movements from one object to another is necessary, i.e. with small amounts of work (for example, in cottage construction).

Concrete pump can independently arrive at the facility, and within 20-30 minutes, it is already ready for work. RLS, on the other end, needs the help of a tractor. If there is no folding boom, then the line for pumping concrete needs to be disassembled and assembled manually each time when the RLS is relocated, which may take all day.

Now, let’s talk about the main manufacturers of this special equipment.

Schwing and Putzmeister are considered world leaders in active concrete pumping. Although there are many other reliable manufacturers, primarily Japanese (Niigata, Mitsubishi, IHI), Korean, Chinese (Sany and Delta), the Italian CIFA proved to be quite good.

Specifications of concrete pump truck

The main thing to pay attention to when choosing a concrete pump truck in Vancouver is the length of the distributing boom and the requirements for free space for work. The rental price of equipment directly depends on the boom range, so before ordering a specific model, you should precisely set this indicator.

Arrow departure and free area

To determine how long the concrete pump truck boom is best suited to a specific task, you need to measure the distance from the location of the ABN to the furthest formwork point. In some cases, the boom range may be less if there are workers on the site who can quickly distribute the solution manually over the pouring area.

When the distance between the equipment and the place of pouring the mixture is established, you can roughly determine how long the boom will be required to deliver the solution to the formwork. However, it should be borne in mind that horizontally, the range of the boom will be several meters smaller than vertically. In the description of the concrete pump, this value is indicated precisely for feeding to a height. When pumping concrete, it is important to consider such equipment specifications.

To accurately establish the required length of the switchgear, you need to study its operating diagram. This diagram is available in the technical documentation for the ABN and shows what real length the arrow can extend, depending on its angle relative to the horizon.

Before ordering, you also need to examine the construction site for the availability of equipment access. The concrete pump specialised concrete pumping has certain dimensions that require an appropriate amount of free space for travel. On average, the size of an ABN with a distribution boom of 30-40 m is 11.5 x 2.5 x 4 m.concrete pumping near me

It is also important to consider that before working with concrete pump truck, in order to fix the structure, the concrete pump requires the installation of retractable hydraulic supports. As a result, the free area for its placement increases to a site of 12×7 m.

How to use a concrete pump? In the documentation for each model, there is always a list of characteristics that determine its capabilities. First of all, the manufacturer indicates how many cubic meters of solution the pumping device pumps per hour. Almost all modern ABN models satisfy the needs of the vast majority of tasks for pouring mortar into the formwork.

The limitation of the speed of work is not associated with the power of the pump, but with the ability of the team to take one or another volume of the mixture under certain conditions. Depending on the brand of the pumping device, its capacity can be between 60 and 180 m³ / h.

In addition to performance, concrete pump car is also characterized by its drive type and drive motor power. The diameter of the concrete pipe inside the distribution boom is standard – 125 mm. The technique has certain limitations on working with the solution. The precipitation of the mixture cone should be within 6-12 cm, and the maximum size of the aggregate fraction should not exceed that specified in the specification for the pump.

For each concrete pump car, the type of chassis is indicated, that is, the model of the truck on which the pumping equipment and boom are installed. In addition, the automobile concrete pump is characterized by a certain mass and dimensions. Different models have their capacity for the hopper and the indicator of pressure on the concrete mixture created by the pump unit.

How much is a concrete pump truck per hour?

The cost of operating a concrete pump of any type depends on certain factors. In particular, what is the remoteness of the object, how long will it take to complete the work. It is important to use modern, productive equipment that can maintain the quality of the solution. If you are interested in concrete pumping Vancouver, please contact us. We have the ability to fulfill your order. Our prices are reasonable. With our help, you can save on the operation of a modern concrete pump that can maintain the quality of the mortar used to perform the work.

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