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Patio: concrete is the best solution

Patios can be a wonderful addition to any home. Especially if it’s made out of decorative patios concrete. With decorative concrete, you’ll get all the benefits of a regular concrete, such as its impressive resilience and ease of maintenance, as well as the decorative effect that can significantly improve the overall look of your property. Unlike with wooden decks, you won’t have to worry about the weather or the paint. Your backyard concrete patio, will last you for decades. If you are looking for concrete patio slabs near me, contact our company, we will build your dream patio for you!

Our company has all the necessary expertise to help you with creating a perfect poured concrete patio you’ve always wanted. We will take into account your location, budget, and any other factor, and come with a solution that will fully satisfy you without breaking the bank. We can make stamped concrete patio for you if you wish.

Concrete patio contractors Vancouver – tips

The concrete slab is a very reliable base for the patio. It is an attractive and weather and wear resistant building material. Concrete cushion for building a patio is a relatively convenient construction project for one or two people. In addition, the cement slab will not move like bricks or rot like wood; it offers lasting value to your site and your home, and also offers you a convenient place to entertain friends and relatives. Concrete patio ideas can be very different. You can choose painted concrete patio.

Concrete patio slabs – materials and tools

Necessary tools and materials for concrete patio: shovel, borders, wooden pegs, level, bucket, wheelbarrow or concrete mixer, fittings (optional), trowel, garden hose and sprayer, concrete sealant (optional).

Patio Planning

After you finish the casting of the concrete slab, it will be permanent. Check with your local housing office to review requirements and restrictions for construction work then get permission to build a project. A sketch plan for building a patio is not enough. Mark the perimeter of the patio and dig up the earth at least thirty centimeters in depth with a shovel. Leave an additional 10 cm. For each side, additional fasteners will be installed, which will be removed later, as soon as the plate is finished.

Wooden frame construction

Before doing Concrete Patio, set the borders around the perimeter and set the curb to ground level using as many garden borders as needed. For additional fastening, you can install wooden pegs. Using a level, make sure the frame is level as this ensures that the top of the concrete slab is also level. This will create a level, for example, back patio concrete.

Drainage layer

Using a shovel, pour gravel into the base of the patio, at least 15 cm thick. Level the gravel with a rake. Knead concrete as directed on the bag. For small projects, a large bucket or wheelbarrow will probably be sufficient for mixing. For large projects, you have to fork out for a concrete mixer rental

Pouring concrete patio

Pour concrete at least 10 cm thick. The thicker the site will be, the more stable it will be, however, for walking, the thickness is 5 cm: the minimum acceptable value. During concrete pouring, lay rebar or wire mesh to help strengthen the slab for a large patio. In order to lay the frame from the reinforcing mesh, fill half the concrete, lay the mesh in the upper part of this layer, and then fill the remaining concrete over the mesh. Using a level, make sure that the concrete surface is fairly even. Level the top layer of concrete with a trowel or level board. Concrete patio finishes require meticulous workmanship.

Drying Concrete Patio

Allow the concrete surface to dry completely before walking on it. To prevent cracking and deformation during the drying phase, keep the concrete covered in the drying process. Use a garden hose with a spray gun to slightly wet the surface of the concrete approximately every six hours during the drying period. The next step is to delete the frames. Fill the open spaces with earth.

Poured concrete patio – Warnings

Do not pour concrete on a very hot day (at temperatures above + 26-28 degrees) for best results. This will create a back yard concrete patio with a solid surface. A temperature above the heat threshold indicates that the concrete will dry too quickly, and this is fraught with cracks and deformation. To preserve the concrete cushion from various stains and the harmful effects of moisture, it is worth sealing the surface of the concrete with sealant, after a proper period of concrete rehabilitation. If you want to build a concrete patio that will not come in the traditional gray color, you can use the powder dyes that are added to the solution at the preparation stage. This solution will help you dramatically change the look of concrete. If you plan to use pigments, you will have to mix all the concrete immediately to get a uniform color throughout the entire construction project. The concrete patio cost will depend on the construction features. But still, you should not do such work on your own. It is better to look for professional concrete patio contractors near me in Vancouver who can provide a quality guaranteed service.

Cost of concrete patio in Vancouver

If you are looking for concrete patio near me, then you want to order the corresponding service. This is the right decision, as experienced craftsmen will be able to perform work at a professional level. You will want to know the cost for a 10×20 concrete patio or other area. The price can be different, which depends not only on what area will have to be poured with concrete. For example, an exposed aggregate concrete patio can cost more or less because it all depends on the nature of the work being done. To find out the cost, we recommend contacting us. We will clarify all the details that relate to the pouring, concrete patio finish. The experts of our company will calculate how much money you will need so that you can enjoy outdoor activities. We’ll use the concrete patio cost calculator, so we can answer quickly.

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