Concrete Driveways

Concrete Driveways

Plain concrete or asphalt are a thing of the past. It was easy to decide between the two of them when building a driveway, but it was also very limiting. Today, people want to have as many choices as possible in every aspect of their lives. Home and yard decoration have come a long way and now there are some really interesting and gorgeous solutions available for every budget.

A great looking driveway can express your creativity and add even more appeal to your property. West Mount Concrete can build you a beautiful, one of a kind driveway that will make your friends and neighbors envious.

Even if you already have a concrete driveway and you don’t want to tear it down because it’s still new, we can still give it a complete makeover. In cooperation with our experts, you can pick a design that no one else in the world will have.

What brand of concrete to choose for paths near the house

Pedestrian Concrete Driveways are laid out from concrete with a thickness of 10 cm. The solution itself can be chosen cheaper – for example, the M200 brand. The strength of this brand is enough to support the weight of a person. Some masters recommend mixing the mortar in the proportions of cement / sand / gravel as 1/2/3. However, this proportion has significant drawbacks:

  • manual mixing of the solution is impossible, since it will not be homogeneous, and the composition of the solution will vary from one to the next batch;
  • You will spend a lot of time and much effort if you take into account delivery, measuring, mixing;
  • Concrete Driveways will come out different in appearance and color on the surface;
  • the prepared solution by hand cannot be made uniform and smooth.

A standard mortar made of concrete M200 will be sufficient to create beautiful paths, playgrounds and walking areas for many years. You can apply forms to fill. Then it will turn out to issue a surface with patterns.

Concrete Driveways for Car

A concrete platform for a car is a much more complex construction. In this case, there are many nuances. For these purposes, a stronger concrete grade is required. Need a large thickness, and the concrete itself must be poured with a different composition of components. Moreover, it is necessary to use knitted reinforcement, which is a metal rod with a cross section of 8-10 mm.

It’s important not to weld the rod! So the design will lose flexibility, and this will lead to the destruction of the track and site. Remember that the car does not crush the wheels with the full width of the canvas. In places of greatest pressure, concrete takes on impressive loads. These loads must be compensated for by their strength and flexibility.

Concrete Driveways for a passenger car can be made of a monolith of a thickness of about 15 cm. If cars with a large weight call into the parking lot, it is necessary to increase the thickness of concrete to 20 cm.Taking a monolith of a larger thickness does not make sense – this is redundant and will be required only for heavy special equipment. The best solution is concrete grade M300.

Correctly lay concrete on garden paths and platforms will allow technology with formwork from boards, reinforcement mesh and frost-resistant mortar based on cement M400.

Why is Concrete Driveways the best option?

Do you want to improve your home and make it attractive and stylish? Why not think about repairing your driveway or building a new, beautiful and durable track?

Many of us want to improve our home and make it more attractive, durable and reliable. In addition to the kitchen and garage, which we usually repair, our driveway is one of our home or property that we want to modernize or improve. We want to have a better way to our home. But then, do you know which road is better for your home?

There are many types of driveways we can choose. They usually depend on the building materials used to install the access road: asphalt, concrete, cobblestone, brick fight, crushed stone, secondary crushed stone.

Four different types of driveways.

Popular type of driveways are:

1.Asphalt access roads.

Asphalt is the cheapest building material for access roads. The initial cost of asphalt roads is lower compared to other types of coatings, but then the asphalt road requires frequent maintenance. This is because asphalt needs to be updated every year or two. A typical asphalt road is gray and looks simple.

2.Brick or cobblestone driveways

Brick or cobblestone roads are considered expensive and high class. A brick coating can withstand for many years, but then it tends to seem uneven over time, so regular or annual maintenance is also required.

3.Concrete Driveways

Concrete Driveways is the most popular type of road you can find in modern homes. A concrete driveway can already be seen as part of the landscape outside the house, because concrete can make the house attractive and elegant.

Access roads made of cement are better than brick roads and do not require regular repairs in relation to other coatings.

The types of Concrete Driveways are as follows:

  • Skinny concrete is the main and cheapest type of concrete driveway. It is simple in color and best suited for those who have a limited budget, but long for a solid path.
  • Try aggregate concrete – a material that can be compared with granite, which needs to be polished for a beautiful appearance. In the case when aggregate concrete was chosen, we add building materials to achieve the pigment, which will add a new color, texture to the concrete structure.
  • Having processed aggregate concrete covering the area of ​​the access road, you need to be careful during washing so that the composite does not wash.
  • Decorative or stamped concrete – the same cement is only more expensive, but worth it. Decorative or stamped concrete is a modern home renovation. Homeowners can choose a color or texture for their particular driveway.

In decorative or stamped concrete, cement is poured into a mold and a pattern is created before it dries. Sometimes, pigment is added to stamped concrete, the style will be different.

4.Paving access roads

Some roads use different materials or a combination of 2 or 3. You can mix stone and brick. They can make driveways more attractive. But, unfortunately, this type of access road requires more time and is somewhat difficult to install. Paving driveways are expensive and require constant repairs.

In conclusion, we can say that Concrete Driveways is a more profitable and durable option.

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