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Concrete Broom Finish

Concrete Broom Finish – Technique for Creating Traction on a Concrete Surface

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What is broom finish concrete?

Concrete broom finish is a process that makes a concrete surface roughened. When is work done? After the cement slurry is filled and leveled. What is being done? For this process, a special broom is used. A professional craftsman knows how to carefully use this tool, performs uniform movements and presses the broom so as to give the concrete texture the desired texture. As a rule, movements are perpendicular to the line, for example, the sidewalk.

Grungy concrete can often be seen on sidewalks, stairs, in private yards and elsewhere. Why use this technology? This technology is often used for security reasons. The degree of slip is reduced to a minimum. A person who walks on such concrete will not slip and fall. If the broom is finished by a professional, a walkway or a private courtyard, covered with rough concrete, will have a uniform texture, which can be attributed to the features of landscape design.

Broom concrete finish is a common finish for concrete poured surfaces. However, this finish may be different in its features, which is affected by the depth of the grooves that the master’s broom leaves during work.

  • Finishing with the smallest depth of 1/32”, for which a broom is used, in which the bristles are made of soft material.
  • Finishing with an average depth of 1 / 32-3 / 64”, during which a broom with bristles made of synthetics is used.
  • Finishing with great depth – 3 / 94-1 / 8” (concrete broom finish too rough). In this case, a broom is selected whose bristles are very stiff, and it will make it possible to make grooves of the required depth.

Broom finish concrete: specifications of materials

The main tool used in the broom concrete finish process is a special broom designed for such work. Many believe that this is an unnecessary requirement as you can use the usual broom with hard bristles. This opinion is incorrect. This broom gives concrete a wider texture than a conventional tool. Its width can reach 8 feet and masters always have a set of such tools of different widths. Different models allow you to work when decorating surfaces of different sizes and purposes, as well as perform a variety of drawings or patterns. As for the handles, the handle of the tool can be either long or completely absent, depending on what concrete surface and what dimensions the craftsmen will finish.

Depending on how deep the groove of the concrete texture will have, the master chooses a broom with bristles, which can be different in degree of stiffness and different in degree of softness. Often used brooms with bristles made of synthetic materials or made of horsehair.rough broom finish concrete

Among the tools used by professionals in broom finish concrete, there are different broom types:

  • With bristles, which can be deformed, but in the process of using boiled water, it acquires its original form.
  • Custom-made, able to withstand harsh operating conditions.
  • With replaceable bristles, which allows you to create a different texture using just 1 broom.

Our craftsmen always carry a variety of tools with them, which allows them to provide a high-quality service for leveling concrete with a broom. They apply all their skills and experience in the process of performing work, not forgetting that the depth of the texture groove can be different, which is affected by the drying speed of the cement mixture under certain weather conditions.

Broom finish: how it is done

Before starting work, the craftsmen always check if the concrete is ready for texture finish using a broom. One cannot do without experience in such a matter. A professional can simply touch the poured cement surface, click on it, and understand whether it is possible to start the broom finish concrete or not. At the same time, the master monitors weather changes so as not to miss the moment when the rigidity of concrete will be just so that you can start working using a broom. In windy weather, protective structures can even be installed so that the cement slurry does not harden quickly. If the poured mortar begins to harden quickly, then it will not be possible to qualitatively perform the texture finish, as experienced craftsmen always remember.

broom finish sidewalkAfter determining the readiness of concrete, the concrete finishing broom is always wetted as water acts as a kind of lubricant for bristles. And already, at the first pass, it turns out to complete the finish as planned by the master.

The process of holding a broom on a concrete surface is performed at a constant speed. In this case, you cannot change the angle of the tool. Each pass is performed with a slight overlap of the previous pass. You can’t push the tool; you can only pull it gently. An experienced master precisely performs such actions, which directly affects the result – the concrete texture is obtained as uniform as possible. It is important if the concrete has reinforced fibers, then the tool is held at a slight angle. Once it is held properly, it can be guaranteed that the fibers will not be damaged.

The concrete finishing broom should always be wet but it is important to strictly control the degree of hydration. If there is a lot of water, and it even begins to drip from the bristles, then the surface can change its color. This is especially important to consider when work is being done on finishing a colored concrete surface. By the way, it is not recommended to wet the concrete itself immediately before finishing with a broom. Excess water negatively affects the properties of the cement mortar and in the future, concrete will be more susceptible to rapid wear In the winter months, it will be possible to observe how a white coating forms on the surface.

An experienced craftsman always monitors the state of the instrument’s bristles. He does not allow cement mortar to accumulate on it. If you watch our masters, you will see how they periodically shake the instrument, with a gloved hand pass over the brooms, which is done in order to remove the adhering solution. If necessary, they even rinse it. This is done so that the texture during the decoration turns out to be as uniformed as possible, to exclude the appearance of unprocessed areas. Constant monitoring of the condition of the tool eliminates the appearance of defects on the surface.

How to smooth broom finished concrete& The properties of concrete also affect the result of work on its texture finish. So it may turn out that the pouring was performed with solutions prepared in different batches. The master is obliged to know and remember this in order to prevent a change in texture at the borders of the pouring of solutions from different lots.

Broom finish: concrete texture

What affects the depth of texture grooves? The depth of the texture grooves can be different, which is affected by:

  • External conditions: what is the ambient temperature, whether the wind blows and with what force and what is the level of humidity of the surrounding air?
  • What are the properties of the cement mortar and under what condition was the finishing work performed.
  • Features of the used concrete broom – the degree of softness of the bristles, their moisture and pressing it.

It should be noted that the result after hardening will be slightly different from when the craftsmen performed direct work on finishing the concrete surface using a broom. But the main thing will be the quality, expressed in uniformity, evenness of the texture, which only professionals can achieve.

Over time, the roughness of the concrete’s surface will change. It will become less pronounced due to continuous operation and this process cannot be prevented. The surface condition will not change if you do not use it, but this is an unrealistic situation. However, even with constant operation, the appearance of the finish remains unchanged for a long time, because it is known that concrete is one of the most durable building materials.

Broom concrete: Important points

broom finish drivewayExperienced craftsmen always work with extreme caution if they have to fulfill an order with the participation of specialists in architecture or design who require achieving a specific result, for example, very thin lines must be completed. The wishes of the architect or designer may include finishing, which is carried out by double passes with a concrete broom, first in one direction, and then in another. Real masters can work in different techniques, but oftentimes an architect or designer can set a task that the master will understand differently. Therefore, it is recommended that you always discuss all the details of future work so that it does not happen that the architect or designer wanted one, but it turned out completely different.

Often, before work begins on pouring a concrete surface, masters show samples of obtaining the desired texture, which was created using a specific broom. Additionally, professionals say that they can affect the final result after the concrete has dried. As a result, when a company that provides services for the implementation of concrete work comprehensively approaches the customer service, it takes into account all his wishes, thereby satisfying his requests.

How much concrete with broom finish?
The concrete surface, which was treated with a broom during the manufacturing process, can last a long time. Like a regular smooth surface, it can remain in excellent condition for several decades. However, this period may be reduced. As we have already noted above, this is affected by the degree of intensity of operation.

It is important to note that the quality of the cement slurry and the quality of the pouring work directly affect the life of the concrete surface. If high-quality components were used to prepare the mortar, and concrete was poured by experienced craftsmen, it can be guaranteed that the concrete surface will last a very long time.

Main advantages

Broom finish concrete overlay has several advantages.

  • Solving the problem of dangerous movement.

After applying the grooves with a broom, the concrete surface becomes rough, which allows you to move safely. Excluded falling, and, as a result, getting injured when walking on such a surface. Therefore, brooming is often used not only in the construction of sidewalks and paths in areas near the house, but also where there is increased humidity, for example, around pools.

  • Affordable.

This technology is an inexpensive type of surface finish made by pouring cement mortar. An additional plus – the surface finished in this way does not require special care, which minimizes costs in the future. Repair is also not required if the filling and finishing work is performed at a high level of quality.

  • Variety in style.

A broom in the hands of a professional craftsman can work wonders. You cannot only apply grooves perpendicular to the direction of the track, but also perform various patterns in the form of rectangles or circles, rhombs, etc.

  • Application in different places.

Broom trim is a technology that can be applied in various places. This is not only a street where sidewalks and paths are laid, but also even walls, stairs, squares around pools, etc. You can make a broom finish patio.

Concrete broom finish: price and what it depends on

The cost of completing concrete work using a broom is from $2.50 to $5 per square foot. This is a low cost when compared with the price of other types of concrete surface finishes.

The total cost of the work depends on many factors:

  • Cultivated area – the more square feet you need to process, the more money you have to pay.
  • Features of the decoration – if the client asks to complete a complex drawing, then the price may be higher than the fixed cost.
  • Work time – if the client wants to get the result of work in a short time, there is the probability of an increase in the price of finishing.

It is important to note that we work very quickly and the cost of our work is acceptable to many customers. Therefore, if you contact us, you will receive high-quality finished concrete using a broom in a short time and at a low price.


Concrete broom finish is the ability to finish concrete for little money. An ordinary concrete surface gets features that improve its appearance and also make it safe for movement. But it is important that the work is carried out by professional craftsmen with experience.

Skills that experienced craftsmen can use to perform work with the highest degree of quality that customers always like. Some people call the result of applying such technology art. This is actually true, because it is very difficult to apply the broom so that you get a beautiful surface with a uniformly applied pattern.

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