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WMconcrete is a company with many years of experience in the field of concrete works since 2003. The list of our services is extensive. Our workers fill the foundation, equip approaches and entrances to real estate, use concrete to create concrete concrete coatings that are special in appearance, and do much more that involves performing work using concrete. In the course of work, various technologies for working with concrete are used, which allows us to fulfill orders that are different in their characteristics and satisfy the needs of different customers.

What are we doing?

  • We carry out filling of the bases under buildings

We carry out concrete works on filling the foundations for different types of buildings, including residential. This can be a strip foundation or made in the form of a concrete slab. You can order any option from us. The concrete base will be executed efficiently, in compliance with the pouring rules, with the choice of high-quality materials.

  • We build concrete stairs and steps on multi-level land plots

We can use the capabilities of concrete to create beautiful and durable stairs. Our workers know how to fill steps on multi-level land, creating comfort and usability of the site.Concrete Works

  • We fill in concrete access roads and parking spaces

The concrete coating made by our craftsmen withstands a load of hundreds of kilograms. We use high-quality concrete in work, which, when dried, gains sufficient strength for the construction of parking spaces, sites, entrances to the site.

  • Paving beautiful garden paths

We prepare the base for concrete pouring, select the form with the desired texture, pour concrete, paint in any shade, give the surface a texture or any color according to the customer’s request.

  • We carry out the construction of concrete verandas and platforms

We pour concrete not only near residential, but also commercial facilities. Our concrete coating withstands under all operating conditions. If necessary, we give the surface a beautiful appearance using different technologies. For years, the terrace and porch look like they were made yesterday.

Materials and equipment

In the manufacture of concrete foundations, garden paths, stairs and other objects, we use only high-quality materials. All materials used by us are taken in a ratio that allows us to ensure the creation of objects with a long service life, which will be as durable and resistant to various environmental factors. In the manufacture of concrete coatings that are special in their properties, we use special materials of high quality, which allow us to achieve the creation of original concrete coatings.

We have all the necessary tools and equipment available. The list of tools is quite extensive, which allows us to create concrete surfaces that are different in their external features. Our workers, depending on the specifics of the order, professionally use certain tools to make the concrete surface exactly the way the client wants to see it.

We have at our disposal Mobile Concrete Pipeline Pump – a mobile automobile installation that allows us to work only with freshly prepared cement mortar. This installation has all the necessary devices that make it possible to continuously supply cement mortar to the facility where we work. Mobile Concrete Pipeline Pump is a professional equipment that expands the possibilities of working with concrete.

Benefits of working with WMconcrete

  • The whole range of works on the creation of concrete coatings, from the preparation of the base for the facility, ending with the use of special technologies, for example, for the manufacture of stamped concrete or concrete painted with acid pigment;
  • Responsible approach of workers to work in compliance with the deadline for the production of concrete coatings of different types;Concrete Works
  • Favorable prices, in comparison with our competitors who work in a similar field of activity;
  • Opportunity to get help in cases where the customer has not made a final decision about which technology to apply when creating an object.

Why is it important to contact professionals

Some people believe that they, in the absence of experience and professional knowledge, can pour and decorate concrete on their own. But as practice shows, this is an erroneous opinion. Concrete coating without knowledge of the rules for its manufacture, about the ratio of the materials used always does not turn out the way the owner of the object wants to see it. In addition, all the necessary tools and equipment are not always available. Their purchase is an unreasonable decision, since the acquisition of special tools and equipment becomes the cause of unnecessary cash costs.

If you apply to concrete companies Vancouver, you are guaranteed to get a beautiful, strong, durable concrete coating. It will delight with its appearance for many years, will not lose its external attractiveness and strength properties under different operating conditions. Companies involved in the field of concrete construction work not only provide for the participation of skilled workers with many years of experience and knowledge. Available there are special tools, equipment that allows them to perform work efficiently and in a short time.

Our prices

Pricing in our company is based on competitiveness. We try to offer more favorable prices for our customers, taking into account their financial capabilities, we offer different options for working with concrete. In each case, the calculation of future expenses is carried out with the preparation of estimates. Our customers can always see what they will pay for, thereby we create transparency of cooperation with our company. The estimate is always consistent with the customer. During the coordination, the client receives reasonable explanations that allow him to understand what and how will be done at his facility.

Concrete WorksFactors affecting the price of concrete, Vancouver is or some other city in Canada.

It all depends on the particular order.

  • What is the area on which concrete work is to be carried out.
  • What technology do you want to use to create a concrete coating.
  • What materials will be selected during the performance of concrete work.
  • Under what conditions will the craftsmen have to work.

Contact us, we are ready to fulfill any of your orders! We guarantee the quality of the work performed, the price of which is much lower, which will give you the opportunity to save money when arranging your facility using concrete.

We are ready to serve you anywhere in Greater Vancouver: Metro Vancouver, Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, Richmond, Coquitlam, Langley, Delta, North Vancouver, Maple Ridge, New Westminster, Port Coquitlam, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Port Moody, Langley, White Rock, Pitt Meadows, Tsawwassen, Belcarra.

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