Self leveling Concrete for floors

$ 0.50 – 1.5 / per sq.feet
|100 sq.feet (Min. Order)
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Self-leveling concrete is a special kind of concrete that’s usually used for indoor concrete surfaces. It’s extremely important for indoor concrete surfaces to be perfectly flat so that some sort of interior floor covering, that is usually installed on top of it, can adhere more effectively and look nice. Our company’s top priority is to do every job the best way possible, and we often use self-leveling concrete to get the job done to your satisfaction. It has become very popular in modern interior designs as its perfect flatness allows it to work well with even the most delicate floor coverings.

Self-leveling concrete is at least of the same quality as the traditional concrete, but it’s usually more advanced and even more durable. And just like the regular concrete, it can be done in a decorative version as well.

The cost of self leveling Concrete for floors will be from 0,50 dollars per one sq. ft. Get Your Free Quote Now!

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