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Pumping concrete is done when nothing else works. For example, you have lots of free space in your backyard and would like to create a large concrete patio that requires a tremendous amount of concrete. But your backyard can’t be reached by a truck from any side, whether due to a hard terrain or because the trail is too narrow, and it would be an unbearable task to manually transfer the concrete. Luckily for you, West Mount Concrete has all the necessary equipment to pump concrete on even the most unreachable surfaces.

Sometimes, using a concrete pump can be the most effective way to do a job, regardless of the location. Its ease of use and versatility can speed up the work and save you time and money so it’s always good to have it available.

The cost of pumping depends on various factors, and will be from 150 to 180 dollars per one hour (min 4,0 hours). Get Your Free Quote Now!

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