All Types Concrete Installations And Finishes

Right after the concrete is placed, before it starts to dry, it’s necessary to level the surface and fix any bulges or holes in order to achieve an aesthetically pleasing look. This is usually done with a screed that roughly smoothens the concrete. There are a few concrete finishing methods for a perfect, polished concrete that can be used after this initial phase:


Trowels are used for fine-leveling concrete surfaces after the initial leveling is done with the screed. Trowelling makes a concrete surface extremely strong, durable, and perfectly flat. This will ensure that your concrete surface is long-lasting and resilient to unfavorable weather conditions.


Edging is done when you need a concrete edge that can serve as a low wall in your garden or driveway. It can have a decorative function as well, as it can be done in various textures and colors. It takes an experienced worker to create a proper concrete edge, which is exactly what you will get with West Mount Concrete.

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